How to a Build Wooden Dog Crate

How to build a wooden dog crate. - Nicole Michael DIY

For our puppy Mikky, Nicole built a wooden dog crate.

We didn’t want the standard metal Wood pet kennel in the living room. so handy woman Nicole built a custom handmade wooden dog crate. The new house for our dog is built into the cabinets under the television.

Mikky’s breed is a Friesian Stabij or Stabijhoun. Her parents are both a Friesian Stabij. Friesland is located in the north of the Netherlands. She does not come from a breeder but from the litter at a family. She is an only child.


We got Mikky just before Christmas. First she had to get used to us and we to her. She was very busy, had a lot of stress and was afraid of everything. If there was a subway in the neighborhood, a train or a plane flying over, Mikky was afraid. During the day she did not sleep well, at night she did.

But fortunately that went by pretty quickly. Nowadays we take our princess for a nice walk and she sleeps very well during the day. In her Custom Handmade Luxury Wooden Dog Crate of course.

She is a very sociable dog, very curious and also very sweet for children and other dogs.


Mikky loves snow. When she was three months young, there was a lot of snow and there was ice on which we skated. She did not want to go inside anymore, only to play outside in the snow.

Handywoman Nicole Michael DIY custom built the pet home with bars in the doors for the dog, so that it fit nicely into the living room with the style of the cabinets.

DIY video

In the video on YouTube, you can see how Nicole built the wooden dog crate. Maybe you can get inspiration from the DIY video and build your own pet kennel next time too.

If you build your own custom house for your pet, it will of course look much nicer in your living room, bedroom or wherever the crate is placed.

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