Everybody can be creative! With Nicole Michael DIY

Nicole Michael DIY

I have already completed quite a few projects in and around my house. I once started with a small wardrobe when I went to live on my own and now i have my own channel on YouTube: Nicole Michael DIY

When I had children and bought a house with a garden, I built a guinea pig pen for in the garden. Then I also started building our bathroom. A bathroom with a bath, and also one with a walk-in shower. Then it became more and more projects that I do besides my work as Senior Policy Officer Education at a university in Amsterdam. On my website and on my YouTube channel Nicole Michael DIY you’ll find all the projects with videos I’ve built.
Nicole Michael DIY ceiling plaster woman

Everybody can be creative

My motto is Everybody can be creative. Just do it! If it goes wrong, you try again. Of course, you can’t do that if you’re building a swimming pool, but you can if you’re making a cabinet or a rabbit hutch. I also started small, with small projects, like a table, a closet and hanging a lamp. If you often do DIY jobs, you’ll find that you get better and better at it and become more confident after each job. Eventually I built our bathroom, plastered a huge ceiling and built our plunge. And recently a dog crate.


I get a lot of questions about the projects I’ve done with my YouTube videos and through our contact form. On the page with frequently asked questions FAQs I try to answer as many DIY questions as possible.

Good luck with your DIY project!