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Ideas for new project are always welcome. Or if you have made a nice project yourself, I love to watch it with you.
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Videos of my DIY projects

All swimming pool, interior and garden videos
Nicole Michael DIY swimming pool

Swimming pool

Watch how to build your pool

Handmade dog crate furniture kennel Nicole Michael DIY Interior


projects in house

Old gravel tiles into a great Portuguese patio Nicole Michael DIY Interior


Outside my house

Other projects (Soon)

Soon There is more

The fact that I now have a YouTube channel with more than 100,000 subscribers is unbelievable.

I never wanted to be in the picture. When I was working at home, my husband used to take pictures once in a while. He made videos with recipes of snacks, but I didn’t have the ambition to come up with videos on YouTube. When my husband started to make videos of my DIY projects and put them on YouTube, I got more and more nice reactions. That gave me the confidence to appear more often in my videos. So thanks to the reactions of my viewers I found it more and more fun to make videos.

Reacties gesloten.