About my YouTube channel

Where can I find your YouTube channel?

My YouTube channel is called Nicole Michael DIY. You can search on that. Or click here and you’ll surf over there.

Nicole Michael DIY YouTube Channel

Do you build everything yourself?

Michael makes the videos and I do the DIY. When a project is finished, Michael edits the video and then we look at the result together. Then we tweak some recordings, pick music and post the video on YouTube.

Do you enjoy being filmed?

At first, I didn’t like it. I just wanted to do my projects. Michael occasionally followed me around with a camera. He was already making his own videos of the snacks he makes and posting them on YouTube. After a while, I started to get used to being filmed. But still sometimes I have: leave me alone and do my thing 🙂

Do you respond to comments under your YouTube videos?

I regularly respond to questions, ideas and suggestions from viewers. I don’t always succeed. Under my pool video there are over 21000 responses. Then it becomes a day job to respond 🙂

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