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Frequently Asked Questions about building your own swimming pool

Everything you want to know about how to build your own pool. And how much your own pool costs.
On this page I answer frequently asked questions by viewers of my pool video and through my contact form.

step-by-step video how to build a swimming pool
How much does it cost to build a swimming pool?

You may have already seen the entire video where Nicole builds her own pool. And now you want to know what it costs to build your own pool or plunge. We’ve created a video that lists all the materials you’ll need for your own pool.
What does it cost to build your own swimming pool. Watch the video with all steps to build your own plunge. Including all materials and all equipment.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Swimming Pool? Build your own pool under $ 5,000.
>> Our video with all the costs and materials

How long does it take to build a swimming pool?

Nicole Michael DIY How long does it take to build a swimming pool
In total, the construction of our pool took nine months. When the weather was nice I could build outside. When it became winter and there was snow, I poured the concrete pool tiles inside.
I combined building our own pool with my office job at the university. Therefore, I could only work on the pool after work and on weekends.
Of course, if you can work full-time on building your own plunge or pool, you will be finished much faster. And if you work with several people together it will be even faster.

What type of pool do you have?

Concrete walls floor swimming pool nicole michael diy
We built a pool with concrete. With concrete walls of concrete blocks and the concrete floor we poured.
We chose concrete because we have a small pool and pre-cast plastic pools are larger. We could not find our size in Holland , but maybe they exist.
We hesitated between pool liner and concrete. In the end we chose concrete because it was easier for us to work with.

How to render a pool​

How to render a swimming pool I have a concrete pool. I plastered the walls myself. If you want to know how I impregnated and plastered the concrete blocks, you should watch my video. In it you will see the whole process of how I waterproofed my plunge. Of course, you can also use my DIY video if you are building a pond for fish, such as koi carp. >> Video How to render a pool

How to keep pool water of clean and clear?

Automatic Dosing System Swimming Pool

I have a Swimming Pool Automatic Dosing System.
In my video you can follow the steps: How to install and how does it work.

The pool is lovely during the increasingly hot summers in the Netherlands. Not only our children and their friends enjoy it, but we as parents too.
No more inflatable swimming pools, but jump into your own plunge every day.

A minus is the maintenance. Vacuuming from time to time is quite relaxing. We don’t have a pool vacuum cleaner robot. Doing an aqua check every time with a water tester to analyze chlorine, pH value and alkalinity and then adding shock or anti-algae is also not a problem.

It can also be done digitally, with test strips, but the results varied too often. That may be our fault, but even if you tested the water a few times in a row, the results varied. We feel that the results were not entirely reliable.

And checking and maintaining the bathing water with chemicals is therefore quite laborious. And sometimes we suddenly had algae growth, the pool was green when we came back after a week.
We also used chlorine tablets to keep the water clear, but it’s not an ideal solution, we found out.

Chlorine tablets cause too much chlorine to enter the water and we had to monitor and correct the pH ourselves so that the chlorine can do its job. To prevent chloramines from developing in the water. Chloramine, on the other hand, is the cause of chlorine stench.

We always thought that if you smelled a lot of chlorine at a public pool, the pool would be clean. But apparently it is not. It is especially a lot of urination 🙁
In addition, with a too high pH, much chlorine is required to keep the same effect.

So it’s time for something automatic

And so Nicole went looking for a solution. After some research she came across a device that automatically analyzes the swimming water. A Swimming Pool Automatic Dosing System. An automatic dosing of chemicals gives clear and clean water in the pool because it regulates the chlorine and pH. If there is too little chlorine in the water, the device automatically adds it. The pH / RX value is also automatically tracked.

A number of these devices are available for purchase. Nicole ended up with the EPS One, which she bought from APP, a pool equipment supplier.

Installing seemed complicated, but it was not too bad afterwards, as you can see in the video.

Now that the device is working, it saves a lot of work and we no longer have to keep up with the water.

We have added a flocculant, a block or Action Cube, to the filter basket of the pump. This removes the algae and microscopic dirt that slips through the filter.

We have crystal clear water again, and can also safely leave for a few days, without the water being green with algae when we return

>> Video Swimming Pool Automatic Dosing System – How to install and how does it work

Step-by-step video how to build a pool?

step-by-step video how to build a swimming pool

Yes, I have a step-by-step video how to build your own pool.

You can follow the entire process of building the plunge, a small or tiny swimming pool, spool or cocktail pool in my video. And maybe you also get inspiration for: Build your own swimming pool
Or how to make a cinder block pool. Just do it, Build your own concrete pool.

But, there are many types of swimming pools. We choose this pool with a concrete floor en concrete walls. Do your research and find out what suites you best, like an icf pool, intex pool, an aufbau, Intex, Alberca or inground.

>> Video How to build your swimming pool – Step by step

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